After spending two years travelling and living in America, my passion for photography has never burnt so bright. My love for this medium is overpowering and having spent thousands of hours working on my craft, it’s time for me to mentor others so I can hopefully bring some of this happiness into their lives. I want others to learn the skills to create visions and freeze moments that last forever. I have decided to lead a number of different workshops around the South East Coast of NSW as a result of this. They will be ranging from 3 hour workshops for Astro, Seascapes, and Waterfalls. Single night and multi-day astro workshops with in-field instruction and classroom post processing will be all inclusive. This will allow you to focus on improving your photography skills and enjoying the experience instead of where you’re going to sleep and how you’re going to get to each location. My workshops are designed for all skill levels. If you don’t like crowds, Private Workshops will be provided that are tailored to your needs. Different locations will be gradually added in the future. If you are interested in attending, please sign up to my newsletter. Everyone on the mailing list will be the first to know about workshops, tutorials, blogs, and discounts. I’m extremely excited to work with you soon!