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Join me on a private workshop where I will take your skills to the next level! It is my goal to have you coming away with images that you are happy with and the skills to continue improving after the workshop. You have the option to work on any of these 3 fields of photography: Astro, Seascapes, or Waterfalls. We will be exploring some of the most beautiful locations around Sydney and the South Coast. I will take you through all the equipment, techniques, and apps to help plan your shoots and improve your photography skills. This is your workshop and is tailored to suit you!

How to book?

There is a two step process to booking a Private Workshop.

  1. Let me know what you’d like to learn and get out of the workshop. Please fill out the short form below and lets get started!

    I will create a special workshop that is suited to what you want to achieve, then when you’re happy, you may book it in!

2. Add your workshop duration to the cart and checkout! It’s that easy!

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